I love My Robeez

Happy New Year Loves!

This is my first post of the New Year and I am happy to start with something that showcases my little man. We just celebrated Ayden's first birthday while we were in Florida and I swear he grew right before my eyes. He finally said momma which I  was so happy he did it before 2016 was over. Anyway, as much as he grows so does this little guys feet and unlike his sister, Ayden started walking at the tender age of 9 months. With that said I knew Robeez would be the brand that wouldn't let me down  as far as comfort and easy to put on his tiny wiggly feet but still staying stylish.

I love pretty much everything from Robeez and let me not talk about the Disney line which is too die for. The one thing for me when buying baby shoes is easy access. I can not stand when I buy a shoe and I go to put it on a my child's foot and the struggle becomes all too real. Robeez offers comfort without sacrificing the cute style.

I posted some of my favorite styles below and included the ones Ayden has on in the pictures above. Doesnt he look so adorabble? Anyway I hope you like this post and stay tunes as I will be sharing more of  my favorite  fashion for my kids.

Peace & Love,


Nemo Baby Shoes