How Momma Got her Groove Back

Hi Loves,

As a new mom sometimes I am more critical of my body , which I know I shouldn't be because lets face it I have a 5 month old and it takes time for your body to get back to normal. Being that I have two children its taking me longer to get back to my pre-baby weight and during this time of year its a little harder for me to swallow my reality of not being in bikini shape. I know, I know from the looks of it I look like I am in good shape, but look at it from my eyes for just a minute. My pre-baby weight was 116lbs and as of this weekend I am 135lbs, if you look at it that way thats 19lbs extra I didn't have and 19lbs I have to squeeze into my old clothes that don't look that well on at least from my standards.

Most women reading this will automatically say "how dare she complain" "my body looks horrible compared to hers!" Well I can tell you that why can't I, its my body that I live with everyday, its my struggle to have and own so who are you to tell me how to feel. I honestly thought about going on an extreme diet but you know what when I put this outfit on I realized that I can take my time and get there. Im not even trying to get back to my pre-baby weight, I want to lose only 10lbs and just turn it into muscle, so I do plan on taking you on my fitness journey and show you how a momma of two is starting to get her groove back.  I am no trainer and no nutritionist, but I will be sharing what a professional has shared with me and what is working or not working for me.

I hope this outfit inspires you to pull whatever outfit you have been dreading to wear out of that closet and rock the hell out of it. If you want to lose weight for you  ad only you do it and if you love your curves own it, but lets all encourage each other and not shame each other.

Peace & Love,