Loreal Root Cover Up Review

Hi Guys,

I'm so excited and nervous at the same time to launch my "Keeping It Real" series on my Youtube Channel. I wanted a section on my channel where I am open and honest with you guys. I never want you guys to feel like I am this perfect being, because I have vulnerable moments just like you. 

I figured I start off this series with a topic that I am dealing with at the moment. Being that i am almost 5 months postpartum I am going through a period where I have lost and still losing my hair because  I am  breast feeding. I am known to have this lushes thick hair, so to go through this not once but for the second time its rough. Trust me I would go bald for my kids but its not to say that I don't have my pitty party days. However I have found a product by Loreal called Loreal Root Cover Up and boy has it saved me. This product has helped me through this mini phase that will pass eventually, but for the time being I can feel comfortable with the way my hair looks.

Check out the video below on my feelings about my hair loss and testing the product out. Make sure  to subscribe to my channel and let me know any topic you want me to talk about in the future.

Peace & Love.