It's My Birthday and I'll smile if I want to!


HI Ladies & Gents,

Welcome to LiiRaven! Im beyond excited and happy to be launching my new and approved website and starting off fresh with all of you. I have been toying with changing the name of Ravenfashion for a long time and was really nervous that you guys wouldn't like it, but I have to stay true to my growth as a person and blogger. I hope you guys like the new name.

RavenFashion has grown into something way more than fashion. I have brought you guys along for the ride of marriage, motherhood and now I can say a new chapter of going into my mid-30s. When I wrote that I actually smiled, like they say 30s is the new 20s. I have to say I like the 34 year old Lissette way more than I like the 24 year old Lissette. I say that , not to knock the old me because I was still fabulous,lol... I say that in a good way because I have grown so much since then. Marriage and children teach you to be more understanding and less self absorbed. In my twenties it was all about me and my wants and my needs and being a mom I can't be that way and I'm so ok with that. My children have taught me what is important in life and made me surround myself with amazing people. They made me realize its ok not to be perfect because no one is and thats ok because flaws and all they still love me. So 34 I am embracing you with open arms and smiling while I sit with my messy bun and breast milk stained shirt.

Ok so lets get to LiiRaven, why this name?! So  those of you that know me know that Raven is not my name but my dogs name and those that really know me know that name was given to my dog with a back story.  The truth is my maiden name technically wasn't suppose to be Rodriguez, you see my paternal Grandfather is half Dutch and his fathers last name was LeeRaven. My Grandfather for his choices decided to keep is his mothers maiden name when coming to the United States. I have cousins in Puerto Rico that have the last name and as kids my brothers and I were told about  our true last name. With that said I thought this would be my way of paying homage to my Dutch side but switching it up to LiiRaven pronounced LEE-Raven. So, there you have it guys , here is to a new journey as LiiRaven. I hope you all stick around for some new adventures, because I have a lot to share.

Peace & Love