Mommy's Night out

Hi Ladies & Gents,

As the winter season approaches, I cant help but  get excited for the cozy sweaters and hot chocolate. With that said this look is a quick easy look to wear both in the fall and winter. Here in Jersey the weather can't make up its  mind, so this look is perfect to wear on a night out with the girls or hubby.

I tend to not purchase maternity items and just size up but this sweater is actually a small from Forever21 so score for me. My jeans are fromH&M and are maternity, probably the only items I purchase maternity are jeans because there is just no going around the annoying pinching of jeans when you are in your third trimester, so if you were to ask me where I would purchase bottoms, my top picks would be H&M and Old Navy . For me it doesn't make sense to spend a ton on maternity jeans when you are wearing them for a short period of time, so you can get some cute ones at these stores at great price points.

I topped my look off with a statement necklace from Zara and a good old Chanel clutch. The sweater it self is a statement piece, so you don't want to go too overboard with accessories. Like I said this a great look for a night out and it even conceals a bump if you choose to not want to put it out there. Hope you guys enjoyed this look and stay tuned for some beauty looks and a holiday gift guide.

Peace & Love