Starting 2016 Right

Hi Ladies & Gents,

Happy New Year! I hope each and everyone of you enjoyed your Holidays. As for me I became a mommy to Ayden Michael on 12/29/15. I didn't think I could love another human being as much as I love my daughter, but I was wrong. He is so perfect and I will be sharing all about the day he was born soon. I did want to start the new year with a blog about how I get organized for the start of the year.

Each December I make it a point to get organized with new stationary and for some reason it gets me so excited. I don't know why I get so excited, I think it may be the fact that its a new start and clean slate, once January hits. Now that I am a mom of two its so important for me to stay organized and on top of schedules, appointments, paperwork, etc... 

Below are some of the items that are my must haves to keep on my desk as well as my purse so I can keep on top of everything. One of my biggest must haves are a desk calendar as well as pocket calendar. I know some people that just use their phone for this, but for me I like the good old fashion way of writing it down. Don't get me wrong I am all about my iPad mini and apple laptop. I love the mini because it is perfect to throw into my purse or diaper bag and with cute apps for Annabelle its perfect when i'm out and about.

I hope all of you guys like these tips below. Please bare with me as I get adjusted to being a mom of two, but I would love to hear from you guys on what topics you want me to touch on this year, it could be anything mommy related or not. I obviously will be doing my winter looks for myself and the children, but once again bare with me as I get Annabelle aquainted with her little brother.  Lets start this new year positive and strong!

Peace & Love!


1    HenriBendel Pencil Holder  Enhance the look and function of your desk with the Megan Hess for Henri Bendel Pencil Holder and every reach for a writing implement will remind the world of the depth of your impeccable taste.

    2    HenriBendelnotepad A notepad is a must for quick notes to write to yourself. 

    3    Thank you cards are always great to have on hand, I chose to get mine personalized on, they always have sales.

    4    Pocket calendar and desk calendar. These cute very affordable ones I picked out are from Target. I love Target because you can always find very cute stationary.

    5    Ipad and laptop for a mom on the go like me are a must, sometimes I find myself writing a blog or using my iPad for Annabelle when I don't want to be tide to my desk. I also got this cute cover case for my iPad mini from Henri Bendel.

    6    Last a notebook for writing your thoughts or ideas, you never know when you will be inspired.