The Truth About The Blogging World

This post has been a long time coming as I have been fighting with the thought of quitting the blogging world. I think there is a huge misconception of a bloggers life and I felt it was my duty to set the record straight with my followers, well at least my view of it. I Think the assumption is that bloggers live a life filled with free goodies, free travel, and fabulous events, but I can tell you with the good comes the bad. This world can be filled with catty and fake people.

I started my blog in 2012 to inspire women, but lately its felt like its all a competition and I'm truly trying to find my way back to where this blog started. I remember starting this blog so green on what a media kit was, how to talk or negotiate with a  PR company and even approach other bloggers at events. By no means am I this huge blogger ,but I have been to enough events, and been around enough to know that its not all what it seems. God forbid you ask  another blogger  for help with a media kit or how to approach a PR company they will give you the run around or even better yet  if you ask how they got into NYFW. they will make any excuse not to share with you how they got in. I have been to conferences that tell you to work together and build each other up but the reality is its all horse shit, excuse my language. No one wants to help the next person out. PR companies are so focused on numbers instead of  the genuine writing of someone that loves their brand.  Bloggers talk crap about the next and don't get me wrong I have been that person that has jumped into a conversation of another, but I can tell you I would walk away calling myself a jerk and feeling really bad about it. I don't want to be a part of that, that not why I started this blog and thats not the mother I want to be, because it would be hypocritical of me.

I have met some awesome people but I also have come to realize as of late that friendships that i thought were genuine are superficial, so my advice for any new blogger is to have thick skin and  don't assume everyone is your friend because I can tell you the majority of the time another blogger is not your friend and they are sizing you up on how you got your following and wondering why a brand is working with you and not her. They are looking at your blog and your pictures dissecting every bit of it, wondering if you purchased an item or if it was sent to you. They are comparing their picture with yours and judging your every move. Add on top of  that internet trolls that judge how you raise your child, what you are wearing and how you look 24hrs a day, it truly is a never ending. You will wonder why a PR company or brand doesn't want to work with you and almost doubt yourself. I have to catch myself and really tell myself  that these thing are so not important in life.

I created this blog to share a part of my everyday, but by no means is my life as perfect as my pictures or social media make it seem. I have bad days just like you and I have hardships just like you. I don't ever want any of my followers to think that I have a life thats unattainable because i created this blog for the opposite reason. I created this blog to show you how easy it is to have the things I have, to share my secrets with you. I am a person that has come from very little and worked very hard for what I have. Do I need a brand to send me things, noI do not because I surely can afford to buy my own things. Like I said I didn't start it for free things, I did it to inspire. I will say that for any blogger, if you have questions feel free to email me and I will share anything I know because I was you once upon a time.

With that said I am going to try to get back to the basics and  I'm learning to separate this blogging life with my personal and truly focus on you guys and not the negative of it all, you guys are the reason I keep it going, so thank you for being loyal to my blogging journey, I truly appreciate all of you.

Peace & Love