Maternity Shoot with Lori Dorman

Hi Ladies & Gents,

I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. It was a relaxing yet busy weekend for me, if that makes any sense. Saturday, Annabelle and I went to Petite Parade which is the  kids equivalent to fashion week. Annabelle had such a great time and we met some lovely people at the event, I plan on blogging about it soon. Sunday we were suppose to go pumpkin picking, but it was too cold and windy so I decided to just relax home with her and the hubby, anyway it was a great weekend with the family.

Ok so I'm sure of those of you that follow me on instagram have been seeing the sneak peaks of my maternity shoot with Lori Dorman. I am truly obsessed with every picture she sent me and though I would love to show you guys all, its just impossible because they sent me over a hundred pictures. I can tell you if you can invest in anything your maternity pictures must be one of them. For me this is my last pregnancy due to my Hypermesis Gravedurium, so I knew that I would fly to California to take these pictures and though its not for everyone, I chose to spend the money on these memories.

I have to say the staff and process ran smoothly, even though you have to wait for your pictures 4-5 weeks, which for a person like myself is eternity. If you want amazing pictures I would book your flights asap. I literally would check Lori's instagram for any sign of my shoot and finally I got my pictures this weekend and once again I just am obsessed. Now I have the difficult task of choosing which ones I will blow up and put on our walls. Overall it was a fab day, Annabelle loved every bit of it. I keep staring at them, and can't pick just one favorite. Check out some pictures below from the shoot and don't be surprised on my instagram if I use these as #throwbackthursday pictures,lol.

Peace & Love