Glam Mom

Hi Ladies & Gents,

Happy Thursday! I'm so happy this week is almost over, its seems like so many things have gone wrong this week, that I just want it to be over. I was suppose to post this blog this morning but I had a car accident yesterday so I was dealing with no sleep because Annabelle was a cranky toddler and getting my car fixed. I shouldn't complain, but like I said its just one of those weeks. For those of you that are wondering I am ok, it was a minor accident and I'm glad Annabelle wasn't in the car with me. Once it happened I just wanted to get home and be with my family. The baby and I are fine, so thats all that matters.

For this throwback Thursday post, I want to talk mommy glam. For me whenever I am going to a wedding or black tie event a gown is just a must wear. The younger version of myself would have opted for a short dress but in recent years I just gear towards a long sexy dress. I purchased this dress  from HotMiamiStyles knowing I would wear it to one of the many weddings I knew I would be attending this year. I'm sure most of you saw me actually wear it a month ago to a friends wedding while pregnant. It actually worked well with my bump.

This dress is so gorgeous and a head turner, the plunge in the front is everything and can make anyone feel sexy. I can say as a mom people assume that you have to lose your sexy and I say embrace it. Just because you have children doesn't mean you can't get dolled up. So when you see that sexy dress and think to yourself I am a mom I shouldn't wear that, I say if you love it buy it as long as its tasteful.

Enjoy the pictures below shot by DeeShoots . We went for a different style of photography with this shoot and I have to say I love it, hope you guys do too.

Peace & Love