Strawberry Nutella French Toast Roll Ups Recipe

Hi Ladies & Gents,

I have decided to start a food series on my blog and share little recipes of things I make for my family. Im starting off with breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. If you are like myself I can eat breakfast anytime of the day because to me pancakes at 10pm is heaven. My daughter  agrees with my sentiments because she loves, loves, loves eggs so there are times we will have it for dinner, hey who am I to deny her. 

Today I'm sharing a quick easy recipe that your whole family will be sure to love.  Every family loves french toast and Nutella so why not mix the two together and come up with these fun french toast roll ups. I added strawberries but you can pretty much add any fruit with it, like bananas or blue berries. Overall this recipe is very easy to make and your little ones will be sure to devour every bite. I hope you like this recipe and stay tuned for more.

Prep time:  5 mins

Cook time:  10 mins

Total time:  15 mins


  • 4 Slices of bread without the crust
  • ½ lb Fresh strawberries, diced small
  • 4 ½ tbsp Nutella
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp. butter
  • 1 Egg
  • Powder Sugar


  1. Combine Egg and Cinnamon. Wisk in a bowl with a flat base large enough to lie the bread in.
  2. Use a rolling pin to roll the bread flat. This allows the bread to stay rolled.
  3. Spread each piece of bread with about ¾ tbsp of Nutella.
  4. Sprinkle strawberries along the bottom of each piece of bread.
  5. Roll up bread. Use the stickiness of Nutella to seal it.
  6. Melt butter in pan over medium high heat.
  7. Roll each roll up in the Egg Mixture, shake off excess then place in the pan. Repeat with remaining roll ups.
  8. Cook for around 4 minutes until each side is golden, rotating every 1 minute or so.
  9. Remove from pan and immediately sprinkle powder sugar.