Our First and Last Trip To The Circus

Hi Ladies & Gents,

Happy Friday everyone! Doesn't it seem like the weeks are just flying by?! Anyway last weekend my husband and I took our daughter to the circus. I had so many mixed feelings about our trip to see the circus and I'll tell you why. Lets take it back to Christmas time when my brother in-law presented us with three tickets to the Ringley Brothers. My first initial reaction is wow what a thoughtful gift for his niece, but the animal lover in me cringed at the thought of sitting in the stadium knowing what happens to the animals on a daily bases. 

Now I know some of you who like myself are big animal lovers would say to yourself I would never take my child to the circus, but when I saw the excitement in my two years olds face, who was I to deprive her of her chance to see a real life elephant. I went back and forth with my thoughts on what I should do and  ended up with  decision to take her. 

The day came and her excitement was through the roof. My daughter was so excited to see "Lions, Tigers, and Elephants Oh My" as she would put it, I on the other hand was terrified of the backlash from my friends who are die hard animal activist and what they would say, but in reality my daughter's happiness is my priority. When she is older and can understand more, I will explain why we wouldn't be going to the Circus anymore, but on that day I was all smiles and made the best of it. When we got into the Prudential Center my daughters excitement started to dwindle. The fact that her lunch and nap time was around the same time didn't help. As you can see in the pictures my daughter didn't want to let her new dolls go, so through out  the show her attention was on the dolls and making sure they were lined up and sitting next to her.  When the elephants came out she thought it was cool, but for a minute and her attention was back on her juice and dolls. In my head I was almost relieved that she wasn't into it because I wouldn't feel guilty if the circus ever came up again and saying no to take them. 

Overall to get out of the house with my husband and daughter was great and to get myself out of sweats and my daughter happy that she was doing something with mommy and daddy was great in itself. I by no means pass judgement on anyone who thinks a Circus is ok to take a child, but I would highly recommend googling what is done to these animals on a daily bases and you decide what you would like to do with your children as for myself I will be taking my children to other fun activities.

Peace & Love,