Birthday Outfit

Hi Ladies & Gents,

So another year has passed me by and I keep inching my way to my mid-30s. I'm not worried about getting older because as you age, wisdom comes along with it. Each year I see myself becoming more  and more focused on the things that are important and these days its my children. My tolerance for nonsense and drama also has become very short,lol. As you get older I think drama gets less and less tolerable because you get your priorities in place. I think I am a work in progress, especially in this industry. I have learned that not all are your friends and thats ok because as long as I stay true to myself its ok. With all that said, I did have a great birthday this year and blessed to see another year.

I chose a low key birthday this year so I went to dinner with my family and it was perfect. We went to one of my favorite restaurants Seasons 52 if you have one in your area go because they are amazing. Overall it was very low key and casual, just the way I like it . I had my kids dressed like myself because you all know how I love a good mommy and me outfit but unfortunately the kids were not having it with pictures. I plan on shooting soon so you guys can see how cute they looked in their outfits. Check out some pictures below of my look and some alternatives since my outfit is sold out.

Peace & Love