Lii " Noir"

Happy Monday Loves,

It's officially  the week of Christmas and I cant wait  because that means my vacation begins. I so need this year to be over. This weekend I dealt with a  toddler that wanted to test me and waking up to a flat tire, so needless to say I cant wait to be in Florida. Besides the craziness you guys are loving the look book and I cant thank you enough. 

Lets get started with "Noir"! During the Holiday season a black dress is a must and if its velvet that's just a bonus. I love everything about this dress, it screams sexy yet I am lady. Top of the dress with a faux fur shawl and faux diamond statement necklace and you are sure to be the hit of any event you attend.

Below I tagged some styles fr you guys, as well as the actual  dress I am wearing. I have two more looks which are my two favorites. Next look will be shared on Wednesday.

Peace & Love,