Sponge Animals by Spongelle

Hi Ladies & Gents,

So as most of you know it was a crazy weekend for me. Saturday we had our family maternity shoot/ Annabelle's 2nd birthday shoot. I was a little nervous about the weather because it poured rain, but it end up being a perfect day and Annabelle did so well with her pictures. Go check out my instagram @Ravenfashion for some sneak peak pictures. Also this weekend was my baby reveal party and I'm so excited to announce we are having a baby boy, ahhhhhh  I love saying that. It was a beautiful day with family and friends and I'm so happy I can finally talk to my little Ayden and say his name. Stay tuned for a blog post on all the details of our beautiful reveal party.

Though it was a crazy weekend, the one thing that is always constant is my down time during Annabelle's bath time . She absolutely loves this part of the night, to the point she asks for a bath and pulls me toward the tub. With that said, I was excited to add a new friend to her bath. Spongelle sent us this adorable animal sponge and Annabelle loved it.

The sponge animals are infused sponges by Spongelle that have

 a built in body wash that will transform your kids bath time experience. They're available in 4 fun Sponge Animals shapes: Duck in yellow, Dog in green, Butterfly in pink, & Fish in orange. I'm very conscious about what I introduce to Annabelle's skin so I love that these sponges are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, Sulfate-free, paragon-free, & cruelty-free. Annebelle loved the smell of the sponge as well, overall it was a hit with both mommy and baby. You can find the sponges here 


 for $12.00.

Enjoy some pictures of Annabelle with her new Animal friend.

Peace & Love


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