My Little Easter Bunny

Hi Ladies & Gents,

I hope all of you had a Happy Easter or Passover.

I had a great weekend with the family, It was super exhausting but very fun. Saturday I had a photo shoot in the city which I can’t wait to share more about in the upcoming weeks, but anyway while I was at my shoot my mother and husband took my daughter to our church for their Easter egg hunt. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little jealous I wasn't there to see her run around. My mother said instead of Annabelle putting eggs in her own basket, she wanted to share her eggs with other children and put them in their baskets. My daughter is truly my mini me  because that would have been something I would have done, sharing is caring right? My husband is so competitive so I'm sure it was eating him up not to put the eggs in her basket,


. Overall my mother said she had a fabulous time and fell in love with this little boy and didn't want to leave his side, lord knows I am in trouble with this one. After the egg hunt we all went bowling for my best friend’s birthday so it was a super long day for us. 

Easter Sunday we slept in because just of our long day on Saturday. By late afternoon we headed to my cousins house and hung out with my family for a bit. It was a very low key Easter which was alright with me. I hope all of you enjoyed yours as m

uch as

 I enjoyed mine and stay tuned for my easy Easter look tonight on the blog, but for now enjoy this little cutie.

Peace & Love