Mommy and Me mall trip

Hello Ladies & Gents

So lately I have gotten the question of how I plan my mommy and me outfits with Annabelle. It really isn't something that is hard for me to do, because I remember what I have in both our closets. The trick is simply memory. You really have to remember what items are in your closet, so when you are out at stores if one or the other doesn't have a piece to match, you can purchase it. Another trick is getting simple pieces like denim , you can always find a denim shirt, jumpsuit or dress. 

Matchy matchy necessarily doesn't have to mean that either, you can work off the colors of yours or your child's outfit to make it a mommy and me outfit. Either way you should have fun with planning your mommy and me outfits and make it about you and the baby/child. As Annabelle gets older I know there will be a point she will not want to do this with me, but at least I can have the memories to look back on.

Anyway this mommy and me outfit was actually not even planned, I wanted to get out of the house so I just whipped up this outfit quickly so we can go to the mall. I usually plan the night before but this was so last minute and the funny thing its probably my favorite because she looks so darn cute. She had so much fun running around Gap and dancing, which she absolutely loves doing by the way. I know everyone says there kid is such a natural,but literally she dances at any sound of music. I plan on putting her in dance school to see if she likes it when she is 2 or so, but for now I can enjoy her moves.

Check out some pictures of our little date with Glamma at the mall and stay tuned for a more of NYFW and my LA trip.

Mommy I was having a good nap. Stroller is Stokke scoot.

She loves walking around and exploring.

Once she found this mirror, it was over. She loves dancing in front of it.

Cant you just eat her up.

How adorable  shoes are her Uggs (no longer available)

On the move.

We stopped at our favorite place in Short Hills Mall NJ ( Joes Bar and Grill)

Had to show my favorite salad (Joes Club Salad) I love me some Avocado.

She wanted the lemon from our water so we gave it to her thinking she wouldn't like it and she loved it, go figure.

My vest: Express ( no longer available)

My Top and jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Uggs

Annabelles vest: Old Navy

Jeans and Top: Zara

Shoes: Uggs

Headband: Shop on instagram

She cared more about the iPhone.

But I still smother her with kisses.

My power ranger move is due to her wanting my bracelets.

She is such a happy baby.