Dreaming Of Spring

Dreaming of Spring

Dreaming of Spring




heels & pumps

I honestly wish it was Spring right now because this New Jersey weather is killing me. I'm currently trapped in my home and as much as the snow looks  pretty all I keep dreaming about are pretty pastels and Spring weather. 

When I think of Spring I think of birds chirping and pastel hues. After the holidays spring fashion starts to creep back into our lives and as NYFW approaches I start to decide what are my must haves for the next season. I usually start off with updating my accessories because you can add your wardrobe around key items.

If you can't tell by now I like to splurge when it comes to my accessories, the reason being is I feel you can add a top from forever 21 or H&m and look like a million bucks. I think you can tell a poor quality shoe from a mile away verses a less expensive top or blazer. I cant count how many times I have worn an outfit from Forever21 with lets say my Celine bag and people asked me “where did you get that top?” and I reply “Forever21” the faces are priceless. Point being you don’t have to go crazy spending money on your wardrobe if you have some good quality accessories.

Now I know for some of you its just not in the budget to purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes so I did add some less expensive items, but still pleasing to the eye in my wish list. If you still dream of that nice accessory, you can do what I do and take $20 a week and put it aside, by the end of the year you will have close to $1000 and that can purchase that item of your dreams.

From backpacks, cross body bags, fedoras, over sized sunglasses and more, all these items are must haves in my closet for Spring. I hope you guys like this little quick glimpse into Spring and make sure to stay warm if you are on the North-East like myself and for all you West Coast people Ill see you next month.

Peace & Love

Valentino heels & pumps

$965 - harrods.com

River Island high heel shoes

$75 - riverisland.com

Coast pink handbag

$52 - coast-stores.com

Clyde wide brim hat