Mommy And Me Macarons (Halloween 2014)

Hi Ladies & Gents,

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween weekend. I had a very lovely Halloween with my mini me. As you can tell I love dressing up for Halloween. Prior to my daughter being born, I would think about my costume for a year and would have more than one costume. For me its always fun to dress up. I was 8 months pregnant last year  for Halloween, so I didn't have the energy to create a costume for myself and this year to be honest I was more excited about dressing her up. I wasn't going to dress up at all until I saw fellow blogger Songs of Styles throw back Thursday picture  on IG of her as a macaron and knew I had to do a  mommy and me version.  Of course you know I went on Pinterest and found this cute little tutorial from

 I literally spent a total of one hour on both mine and Annabelle's costume. Obviously Annabelle's is way cuter, but I was pretty proud of myself as it was my first attempt at making these.

Below are some pictures of our mommy and me costumes. Fyi these costumes are not for carrying a baby, hence why our pictures are separate. I paired my costume with a wig I had from a prior years costume. Overall I am happy how our costumes turned out. I hope you guys like them too. 

Stay tuned for some fun mommy and me post and fun collaborations for Annabelle's birthday month.

Peace & Love