Neutrogena Visibly Even Line

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Hi Ladies & Gents,

I hope you all are having a  very happy hump day. Lately I have been telling you guys a lot about my beauty regimens. I can't stress how important it is to have a skin regimen. As a woman the earlier you start taking care of your skin the better off you will be as you get older. I don't know how many times, people have been shocked about my age and though I have to thank my mom for great genes, I do credit my active pursuit in taking care of my skin for the shocked faces,lol. 

So, today I'm going to talk to you guys about the Neutrogena Visibly Even Line. If you follow me, you know that I am a big advocate for Neutrogena products. I like to test new products out ,but for me Neutrogena never fails to take care of my skin. I can tell you, I love this line because as a new mom getting ready in the morning is challenging and these products makes it effortless to feel beautiful and fresh. I have to get my daughter ready to drop off at the sitters before I start my work day, so to have products that are quick and easy to apply and leave my skin looking flawless, makes this mommy a happy camper. Check out below how I use each product and how achieved my look for a dinner date with my bestie. Stay tuned for a post on my chic but comfy outfit details.

NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY EVEN® Foaming Cleanser:This product contains ESSENTIAL SOY which is a natural brightener which helps achieve that glow and evens out your skin tone which I need badly. I make sure to lather this on my face in the morning. What I like about this is it doesn't dry out my skin.

NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY EVEN® Daily Moisturizer SPF 30: I cant stress how important it is to moisturize your skin. This product is something I carry around with me all day just because I love to have smooth skin and I tend to have dry skin during the fall winter season. I also love this product because it contains SPF in it. I work with cancer patients and have seen what not taking care of your skin can do, so ladies don't assume that you don't need SPF just because you cant feel or see the sun, its there and its damaging your skin. This moisturizer also contains essential soy to help with that glow we all long for.

NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY EVEN® BB Cream SPF 30: I am beyond addicted to this BB Cream. As I get older I notice that my skin tone has become uneven and those dark circles have appeared from lack of sleep. This creme creates an even toned skin, while preventing dark spots/blemish marks and improving your overall radiance. This creme also contains SPF 30 which I love.

Ladies if you want radiant glow worthy skin, try this beauty regimen and I promise you wont look back to dry uneven skin. 

Peace & Love


My morning routine

Always make sure you have a cleansed face before applying moisturizer.

My face after I  apply all three products. Love my natural glow.

Here is my beauty look for the night.

Loving my look after using  the Neutrogena Visibly Even Line

This outfit details will be on a post soon.