Floral Denim

Hi Ladies & Gents,

Hope all of you are having a fab week so far. If you guys follow me on instagram you all know how much I love matching my Annabelle's outfit with my outfit. I had purchased her  this cute little outfit from Target  a while ago and so happened to be at target months later when I spotted my jeans in the kids section. I thought to myself maybe I can fit into the biggest size they had, so I took the size 16 kids into the fitting room and OMG they fit. I was happy they fit and loved the  colors so much. I went into my closet and found this top I purchased at Forever21 last summer and lastly paired it with my beige Zara sandals and Balenciaga handbag. I absolutely loved this mommy and me look and plan on pairing these jeans with different tops for the both of us. I hope you mommies and future mommies like this look and stay tuned for more mommy and me looks. We are going to Florida in two weeks so get ready for some awesome looks.

Peace & Love