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Hi Ladies & Gents
 So this blog is for all my graduates out there! I have quite of few of my blogging buddies that just graduated College and are now on the job hunt, so I was excited to be a part of  a brand new program, Face the World that Procter & Gamble (P&G) launched. AussieCovergirl and Olay Fresh Effects with the support of LinkedIn will help educate college students on how to professionally define themselves online to help appeal to prospective employers.I Think this program is great and wish when I graduated someone guided me on how to define myself.
A lot of people underestimate first impressions and the power of the internet. LinkedIn is a way for employers to seek potential employees and it is very important to have a great professional picture on your profile. Remember this is potentially a first impression so you don't want a duck face picture on your profile, this is not one of your social media pages that you can joke around about. 

So what defines a good LinkedIn profile picture... you want to make sure you look professional, but still yourself.  You definitely don't want to go overboard with your makeup, and a simple style hairdo is perfect. A nice blazer is great touch. Don't go wild with your hair, a simple bun or simple curls are a great look.

Here are some quick tips for created a great look for an interview or your LinkedIn profile picture. I decided to change my LinkedIn picture and used some great products from AussieCovergirl and Olay Fresh Effects. What do you guys think of my new LinkedIn picture. Make sure to stop by  www.FacetheWorldIRL.com for professional beauty and style tips from our spokesperson and celebrity stylist, George Kotsiopoulos as well as online career advice from LinkedIn.
To the Class of 2014, congrats and remember dare to inspire!
Follow these steps for a great natural look.

Keep it simple, with your hair. a nice bun or your hair straight will work just fine.

To create my look I used all the products in this picture.
AussieCovergirl and Olay Fresh Effects

Love this Olay Fresh Effects serum for dark circles.

Love these products, especially the snap and go razor from Venus, its so cute and small, fits right in my purse. I always love anything from Olay, my mother has used Olay lotion since I was little and I swear her skin is so soft.  Make sure to always have deodorant just in case of nerves, this mini clinical strength deodorant from Secret is great.

All natural

Remember channel your natural beauty when  preparing for an interview.

Love Aussie spray, has such a great hold.

This clump free mascara from Covergirl is one of my faves.

Peace & Love