My Go To Beauty Products!

My go to beauty products

Chanel fragrance

Travel perfume

Neutrogena face cleanser

Cleansing mask

Opi nail polish
$19 -

MAC Cosmetics foundation

Face powder

Too faced cosmetic
$53 -

MAC Cosmetics lipstick

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer
$54 -

Hi Ladies and Gents, I hope everyone is enjoying their day. I decided for the New Year that I would start writing beauty reviews on my favorite products of the season. I definitely change my beauty regiment a lot but there are certain items I tend to keep throughout the year, and here they are. My skin at the moment has been very dry due to breastfeeding so I am always moisturizing and the one product I use regularly believe it or not is Johnson and Johnson baby lotion. I have very sensitive skin so I use this all over my body and face,leaving my skin so soft. To keep my face nice and fresh I use Neutragena face wash nightly and every 2 months do a deep facial cleansing.
  If I plan on wearing any makeup I will use a Mac Hydrating lotion first or Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, which I am obsessed with. I usually use the Laura Mercier moisturizer alone if I'm going to a pool or beach during the summer or on vacation, it gives a nice glow. For a foundation I love the Mac liquid Foundation or Milani Powder finish, both give the coverage with a natural look. For a concealer I use True Match by Loreal, I love it because it really matches to my skin tone and gives great coverage. I am definitely a Mac Girl so I love using their liquid eyeliner and finishing spray which I spray twice, once after I put my moisturizer on and after I put all my makeup on to set everything.  For a blush I'm loving the blush from the RiRi/Mac Collaboration, I use this a lot for a glow. My lipstick choices right now are Candy yum yum from Mac which is a nice bright pink shade, Riri Roo is a great rich red color and Pure Zen for a nice neutral hue, all are from Mac. My eye-shadow choices are all the Naked pallets from Urban Decay,obsessed with Naked 3 right now. I'm loving Two Faced Mascara right now, its a two step process but it creates long extension to your own lashes , its great when you don't want to use  false lashes.To wipe all my makeup off I use Neutragena makeup wipes,I always carry one in my purse. 
If you all follow my Instagram you know I'm big on my manis but as of late since I don't have time to go get my nails done, I have been doing my own, the colors I'm obsessing over right now is basically anything dark like this OPI Color

Before I share with you my favorite hair products I wanted to share with you guys these amazing Get a Grip Brushes from Sohobeauty. The name speaks for itself, the ergonomic Tri-grip on these brushes are amazing and allow for a good hold while applying your makeup. I don't know about you guys, but I hate when I wash my brushes and the bristles fall out easily, I have been using these brushes for almost two months and the bristles have yet to fall out. Best part about these brushes are they are very affordable, which we all know brushes can be expensive, so make sure to check them out , I'm telling you guys wont regret it. You can purchase at the following locations.

So I shared my makeup and facial products but the biggest question I think I get from my followers is what I use on my hair. I try not to use a lot of products in my hair because I honestly think the more use, the more you are damaging your hair. For my shampoo& conditioner regiment I use Wen which I really think is why my hair is  so thick and shiny. Its on the more expensive side but I think its worth it. If I run out of Wen I use any Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner. Once out of the shower I spray  Tresemme Smooth Infusing heat Protection and Shine Spray, this helps with protection from heating tools. If I'm feeling like a natural curl day I actually use a little baby lotion and sweep it through my hair and diffuse my hair and spray a little Loreal Satin Spray (unscented) on for a little hold. All the beauty hair tools are from Hot Tools Professional which you can purchase here HotToolsProfessional , my favorite is the tapered curling iron I use this a lot  for curling my hair  and finishing it off with this brushlab-zebra-cushion-paddle-hair-brush from Brush Love. When straightening my hair I use Brushlab-fresh-round-hair-brush for volume.  I hope this helps with inquiries on what beauty products I use. Oh I cant forget my scents, I am a Chanel girl all the way, my day scent is Chanel Chance and night is Chanel Mademoiselle. 
Hope you all enjoyed this post.

Stay tuned for some mommy and me looks coming to the Blog and tour of Annabelle's Nursery.
Peace & Love!