La Familia De Hoy

Hi Everyone today's blog is an important blog to me because as you all know I just welcomed my Baby Girl on Thanksgiving day, stay tuned for a blog on my babies birthday, but getting to Today's blog I am going to share with you  what I think it means to be the “ La Familia de Hoy”. Before I start I would like to let you know this is a compensated campaign held by Johnson & Johnson and Latina Bloggers Connect which I recently joined. 

Johnson & Johnson and Univision have join forces to put together a campaign to try to find an authentic, family to be named" La Familia de Hoy" which I think is amazing.  Being  Latina it's great to see amazing Latin families being a part of their children's lives and doing it as a family. Please  visit the La Familia de Hoy Voting Site, and vote for the family you think would represent the campaign the best, and also check out below which family I voted for and what 
“LaFamilia de Hoy” means to me.

What I think it means to be "La Familia de Hoy" is to embrace your culture and infusing it in the way you raise your children.  A lot of people from other countries tend to not embrace their cultures and  forget the only way their children will learn is through the family dynamic. Children need to see hard working parents so that they can learn  to work hard for things they want in life. .  My husband teaching children how to play soccer at the local Boys & Girls Club  and having a full time job  and still spending time at home  will show our daughter that all the things she receives is because we worked hard for her as did our parents. This is how I view the "Family of Today."

The family I chose from the three nominees is the Olivera Family.

Soccer is very huge in my household as my husband use to play professionally so naturally I was drawn to this young family. My husband also teaches children how to play soccer and plans on teaching my daughter,  so for me I feel like I can relate to this family.  Milena and Roberto are parents of Ana Luiza, Lucas and Matteo,  and have a  fourth on the way (March 2014).  Milena loves the arts and  Roberto loves soccer, which he also coaches Lucas and Ana Luiza’s soccer team.  Sounds so much like  my husband and I. Being  from a single parent household, I admire this family because I know it's challenge being a working parent.  My husband and I are just beginning our family and I know  its going to be challenging to incorporate my Latin heritage with my husband's Portuguese culture and making sure our daughter knows both sides of her heritages equally. I really admire these families, and wish them all luck, please remember and vote for your favorite family at La Familia de Hoy Voting Site.

Peace & Love

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