My Intimate Maternity Shoot

My Pregnancy thus far.

I'm about 32 weeks pregnant and I can't believe I'm almost there. I've been blessed with a good second and third trimester, hopefully it stays that way. I do have heartburn which is a pain and back ache, but I have a great husband that gives me nice back rubs which helps. So far I have gained 28 lbs which I'm ok with, no stretch marks so far, cross fingers it stays that way. I have been using tummy butter, vitamin E oil and Shea lotion twice a day everyday since I found out I was pregnant. I hear some women get stretch marks after birth, so I will continue my regimen way after just to be on the safe side.

 I've tried Prenatal Yoga, but had to stop early on because my Placenta was sitting low, lucky all is ok and I was given the go ahead and start back up because it really helps with expanding your muscles for birthing and I really don't want a c-section,lol. I do walk a lot and take breaks from sitting at work to get circulation in my legs as well. Lucky I have not retained water like most women, but every now and again my feet will swell but nothing extreme. I also am lucky in a sense where I can wear regular clothes...only things I have purchased for maternity were two pairs of mzaternity jeans from old navy and score for me because they were on sale for $5.00.

My plan isto breastfeed for one  year- or pump towards the last few months because I told its healthy for me and the baby, hopefully I am able to produce enough milk.

If I had to list the things I would be, Fruit, Candy Apples and Avocado:)

Anyway here are some pictures of my intimate maternity shoot. I have really embraced  the weight I've gained...I'm really hoping that  some of it stays put, lets see. I have  always said that when I got pregnant I would take nude pictures, but tastefully and I think my friend Angel hit the mark, I love every picture. I also wanted to do something for my husband since our one year anniversary was so close, so I decided that I would do something with soccer since my husband lives,breathes, eats soccer. Needless to say he absolutely loved every picture. Being a Fashionista I also wanted a glam shot. so we took pictures on the roof of my friends studio. 

I hope you guys like the photos and  stay tuned for my pictures of my maternity shoot with my husband and dog (Raven). Cant wait to get the pictures back.

Big thank you to Benita Negron aka Beautyholic_mkupartist for doing my makeup, Ashley aka Mostenviied_Hair for doing my hair and Angel aka ANgelrphoto. Be sure to check them all out on Twitter and Instagram.

Peace & Love

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