Printed Pant!

print pant

First off I want to say sorry for being missing in action, but between my birthday and being sick I just didn't have time to post, but I promise to post more blogs and finally launch my YouTube channel. Stay tuned for my spring fashion haul this weekend and a blog about my birthday outfit details .The Printed Pant is a big trend and must have for the spring and I'm loving every bit of it. Now this trend really isn't for everyone because you really have to be daring to wear a pant with a print on it. I am tall and have legs for days so anything drawing the eye to my bottom half is good,lol. I will say you do have to be careful with prints because it can make you look bottom heavy, so definitely try it on before buying.If you want to create the illusion that you are longer and slimmer try choosing a print that runs vertical as opposed to horizontal . If you are short opt for a smaller print rather than a larger print which can just be too much  and cause you to look frumpy. There are so many prints to choose from...flower, jacquard, and animal printed pants, you can't go wrong and will be sure to turn heads. So go be daring for Spring 2013.
For my first YouTube video this week I will make sure I will wear a printed pant so you can see my take on this bold trend.
Peace & Love