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Happy New Year!!! I know, I know sorry for the long wait for a blog, but I'm sure you all know how busy one can get during the Holidays. I'm actually just getting back from enjoying some R&R with my
Husband, I was in St. Lucia on my honeymoon, ahhhhh!!!!  I recently got married in September and decided to hold off on the honeymoon till Dec/Jan and I'm so glad I did. I heard that we had some snow here in Jersey while I was away, so I was very happy to be in warm weather and not the cold.
Anyway, I promise that there will be more posts coming soon and I'll try not to have long waits. This post in particular is about a recent gala I attended. MPW and Key Music Group have this Gala they throw towards the end of  every year, so me and my girlfriends decided we wanted to attend, plus it gave us a reason to wear gowns:).
I already knew the dress  I was going to wear because I had it for a year, the only problem was I didn't like the sleeves on it, so I took it to my seamstress to adjust. I always tell friends it is a must to have a great seamstress that can fix your clothes or even make you something that will be one of a kind. I'm obsessed with my seamstress and I am very selective on who I give her info to, just because I always want to make sure she is available to do something for me,lol. I actually decided I will be taking sewing classes soon, so I can create my own pieces, but for now I go to my lady. Anyway the dress turned out amazing and was a big hit.
Here are some before and after pics of the dress and pictures of the event.
What do you guys think of the dress? Isn't it amazing? 
Stay tuned for a post on my honeymoon outfits and details about my key essentials for vacations.
Peace & Love!
Dress Alteration
Dress Alteration

How hot is my girl Kelly;)

My best friend and twin

Don't threaten us with a good time,lol

Loved her look

Lady in red

Love them!!!


Being Silly

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