Smooch Boutique Swimwear!

I know, you are thinking why am I doing a post on bikinis in the middle of December, but you ladies won’t be sorry if you keep reading. I think I own over a 100 bathing suits and that's probably an understatement. Usually when I go on vacation I purchase a bathing suit for each day, I just love different styles and cuts and I think now as I am getting older I'm loving a lot one pieces. I know I'm just making an excuse to buy more bathing suits,lol.
So you are wondering where am I getting at with all of this, ok so you guys all know that I have an instagram account if not go follow @ravenfashion well anyway one day I stumbled upon an account @smoochboutiqueswimwear and the creator @karmelreneexoxo. Let me tell you I found my new swimwear obsession. Her line is cute and flirty all in one, from the lace to the bows, the details of the line are so cute and for sure will have heads turning.  Not only do I love this line, but the designer is such a sweetheart as well. I guarantee this will be the most sought out swimwear line for 2013 and can’t wait to see more.
Make sure to go check out the line at and follow @smoochboutiqueswimwear for the latest and upcoming 2013 pieces.
Here are some pieces I purchased and some I'm lusting over.

I'm going on my Honeymoon in 3 weeks so i purchased this one. How cute is it?!!resort-chic/productsstackergallery4g4=10
GREEK GODDESS $159.00!adore-me/productsstackergallery4g1=8
Alaya $169.00
This is just sexy!!!!adore-me/productsstackergallery4g1=17
Jemma $149.00

Also got this one. Love it!adore-me/productsstackergallery4g1=0
Jenna $169.00

Flirty, I looooove this and the black version too.!all-dolled-up/productsstackergallery4g6=10
Sea Shell $159.00

How cute is this! I'm obsessed!

Here is a look at the 2013 collection, I cant wait to see more!!! The bottom left is a must have for me.

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