My Christmas Decor!

There is no doubt that Christmas has to be my favorite Holiday ever, and each year I get so excited for December so that I can start decorating my home! I think my first year  in my house I went crazy at Home Goods and Target, but  it's all worth it when I see  how pretty my home looks each year. My husband loves the way our home looks, so that's a plus too. Next year I think I'm going to switch it up, but for now I love the way my home looks once I'm all done putting the decorations up.
Here are some cute DIY ideas as well as pictures of my home. What do you guys think? Hope this gives you some cute ideas for you home.
Happy Holidays!

Here is a cute idea! Pick any vase you have at home you can  put different  fruit in it (fake or real). I chose fake obviously, but look how cute it looks. All purchased at Target, 3 years ago

Here is my tree, I used gold tone and white lights, not into color lights personally.

Here is my dining room table which is by far my favorite of the whole house. Those bows are  pain to make but love how they look. I purchased everything from Home Good, except the trees and present boxes which were purchased at Dollar Tree surprisingly.

Another view!

I purchased fake flowers at the dollar store and created this cute little centerpiece for my kitchen.

A close up of my place settings. Love them!
Joy & Peace!

How cute are my stocking for  my husband, me and Raven.

All about the details!

Tree during the day!

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