Kids Fashion


So I clearly don't have children , but I do have girlfriends that do and I'm obsessed with all the cute outfits they put them in. My one girlfriend's daughter is just my little sweet pea, she is just a little ham and I love it. Every time her mom takes a picture of her and she says its for me she throws that little peace sign up and I just want to eat her up. Hopefully one day I will have a cute little girl that will dress and act like mommy, but for now I claim her as mine, lol. Lord knows my husband will have a heart attack if we do have a girl, if he thinks my shopping is bad now, my child is going to be decked out better than me. Do any of you see a cute little outfit ina store and come close to buying it because its that adorable, or maybe its just me,lol. I can only dream one day I can buy that outfit for my child. Any who, here are some cute little pictures of my little love Cheyenne, how cute is she?! Can you just die at how adorable she is?!

I would so wear an adult version of this outfit

Love her!

Loving this look

Straight hair don't care.

I can't even with her.

Even in uniform she is stylish.

My favorite look of all. How adorable!!

Peace & Love
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