Seeing Red!

Hi Ladies and Gents, hope everyone survived the Black Friday shopping. With that said the Holidays are coming up and what better color to talk  about other than red. This color is always such a fun color to play with when it comes to adding some life to a boring outfit. I really use to hate the color and dare you ask me to wear a red lipstick, I would have looked at you as if you had four heads. As my style has grown so has my love for the color red. I have shoes, costume jewelry, pants, jackets, blouses and more in this bright fun hew. So, the question is how do you wear red? Trust me, there is a right and wrong way to wear it and Im going to show you the dos and don'ts.
Your outfit should have a splash of  red, do not overload your outfit with tons of red unless you want to look like one of Santa's helpers. You can pair another bright color with red if you like, my favorite match would be a royal Blue or white. For Fall I like matching red with Black or Neutrals. If you are a wearing a red shoe, stick with these colors in your outfit so the key focal point is your shoe. Another great way to wear Red is on your lip, I tend to wear red lips when I have no color going on in my outfit, I love how  it just gives my whole appearance a sexy feel.
Here are some outfits I have worn on a night out and to work.
Hope this helps you embrace the color Red. 
Peace & Love
My statement piece was my clutch and added a red lip.

I added a pop of color with my shoes and shirt

Red jeans make this outfit come alive.
Mixing animal prints with a red statement piece like this bolero jacket is always a plus.

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