My first Thanksgiving As A Wife!

So Thanksgiving was yesterday and for my family we really never make a big deal and get dressed up. Growing up you were lucky if we changed out of our pajamas, lol, so for me it was a very casual day, since it was just my mother, my husband and me. I wore leggings to give my stomach enough room to eat  and a cute shirt that showed my love for my husband. The month of November is a special month for me, reason being its my anniversary with my husband, we made 7 years on 11/18, but now  that we have been married 2 months our anniversary changed to 9/21/12, with  that said I thought the shirt was fitting.. I also wore a beret, I love berets because you can wear them so many different ways. I decided to show you guys two different ways to wear my outfit and a three different ways to wear a beret. Which would you wear? I love taking my hats and playing with  the look, I also wear this type of hat with a French side braid or fishtail. Here are some pics of me in the different looks. 
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your loved ones.
Peace & Love!

First Thanksgiving as a wife. Best feeling in the world.
Red Beret! Rock star boots

Three different ways to wear a beret.

Three different ways to wear a beret.

2nd option, more casual style.

Kisses from Raven!

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