Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

I figured this post was fitting since Black Friday was three days ago. Surprisingly I have only ventured out into the madness once in my life and once it will stay. You would think a girl like me who loves to shop would want to take advantage of the amazing sales, but truthfully it's not worth it for me. I suffer with bad migraines and do not like the  feeling of being smothered, so imagine how I felt shopping on Black Friday. Though I do not venture out into the cold lines, I however do sit in the comfort of my home and do some serious online shopping. I'm not saying that the online shopping is not frustrating on Black Friday because we all have been there, that moment when you have all your favorite picks in the cart and once you get to checkout, boom!!!! That good old error message pops onto your screen, but truthfully I rather deal with that screen  over a woman going for my jugular for a scarf any day of the week. We also don't want to forget good, old cyber Monday. So I do understand that those amazing deals come along and you just have to have the items, I myself would rather warm up some leftovers and surf the webs for some deals. Who knows maybe when I'm a mother, I'll venture back out on Black Friday for that special gift for my child until that time comes, I'll stay my little tush home with my little Raven.
Here is a little Black Friday/Cyber Monday Humor. Happy shopping everyone! Stay tuned for a post on deals I got on Cyber Monday.
Peace & Love

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