Liiraven Does Disney

Come explore with me on my travel adventures to the most magical place on earth as I share my tips of a traveling mom of two. 

“Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.” 
― Isabelle Eberhardt,

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Disney Trips 

Lissette's love for Disney runs deep. It's the one place that her whole family can enjoy and have new adventures each time they visit. From best times to visit to prepare for your trips, you will soon be an expert at all things Disney.



Disney Style 

 The Disney style has become an art form for the Pedreiras clan. From sneakers, cute tops and matching mommy and me outfits, you will love the style this family rocks. Lissette will share where you can get the cutest gear that is available to you and your little ones.